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BI is neither a niche tool nor a niche area. Nor is it a concept for IT experts, but rather a simple idea accessible for all : the desire to make decisions based on facts rather than suppositions. Each important decision made by a modern business (cost control, customer relations management, payroll management, logistics, financial management, etc.) must be based on facts as good information leads to shrewd decisions and better results.


Standard Architecture of a Business Intelligence System

Business Intelligence gives you the key figures needed to manage your business and the information required to make strategic and operational decisions. Nevertheless, this information, which needs consolidating, is scattered all around the company, and possible subsidiaries or local authorities and finding the option tailored to each user is often more difficult than it appears as all those involved in a business don’t have the same needs ; the management reports and roadmaps of the different business departments don’t summarise data in the exact same way. This means that the principal challenge of BI is producing relevant and reliable data from scattered and heterogeneous data.

We help you manage and master reliable Business Intelligence information systems

However, this mass of Business Intelligence data can seem somewhat labyrinthine. And the maturity of publishers’ software and hardware solutions, however marvelous and exciting they might be, adds a few degrees to the complexity scale.


BI SIMPLEXITY: Producing simple figures out of complex data.

Indeed, though the power of current set-ups allow to keep totally unprecedented performance promises as the technological challenges of data volume, processing speed and accessibility have been taken up, the role of integrators has never been so clearly vital, as by taking up this new performance challenge, since software editors have unleashed a huge wave of potential, which must now be controlled and channelled. The emergence of Big Data and In-Memory systems has metamorphosed the nature of data, converting this raw material into pure energy and driving your business, but pushing the already difficult task of consolidation and processing to new heights of complexity.

EoZen’s vision for BI is to make simple figures out of complex data, and to make them fast and easy to access.

With our valuable experience, we can help you in your BI projects and lead your business to greater performance. We have the insiders expertise for your business lines, understanding your needs for specific insights.

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In order to advise and guide you in exploring and processing your data and optimising your performance, our 140 talents are wisely divided into three main lines : an Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) line, a strict BI line and an Enterprise Information Management (EIM) line.

EoZen masters the whole extent of interventions for implementing your BI solution(s), from consulting to integration, support and training, and our technical and functional assistance remains transparent for your business departments. In addition to these skills, we also have a very strong innovation policy to provide user centric and engaging solutions.

Take back the freedom to fully express your needs and regain control of your strategy

Our technological and usage innovations remove the obstacles that restrict your strategy to a predefined, fixed functional scope. Accordingly, either on a stand-alone basis or a natural add-on to other software packages, BI has become such a “ must ” that its boom has no equivalent.

Business Intelligence is everywhere : on smartphones and tablet computers to view your dashboards everywhere and even to collectively manage your business with new collaborative intelligence tools (social BI).


By taking back the freedom to fully express your needs, you regain control of your strategy. We help you to define and structure this strategy, understand your needs and achieve the objectives that you set.



Because of the added value EoZen drives through innovation, our BI offering goes beyond common market solutions. Mobile BI, BIG DATA, engaging and intuitive user-centric experiences, collective intelligence,… All our creative and technologically advanced solutions to enhance your BI experience lead to better business outcomes.

SQLI integrated offering.

As part of the SQLI group, we offer powerful synergies between our 5 businesses (consultancy, engineering, integration, packaged solutions, and web agency) and we can take your BI solution many steps further.

As we have developed a 360° expertise on BI,  we’ve established strong partnerships with top market solution providers, and we can address any new BI challenge. More, we can deploy your project internationally.





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